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Free Shipping on All Orders $35+ With Code: SUM35 Offer Ends 05/31. Shop Now

How to properly wash a wig?

We recommend washing your wigs after a couple of wears or when you see your wig is getting dull. Washing your wig will bring it back to live. Make sure you are only using products that are specifically made for wig hair fiber. To properly wash your wig, we have put together a list of simple steps for your use.

1. Detangle your wig by placing your hand inside the wig cap and using a wide tooth comb to remove any tangles there may be in your wig.


2. Rinse your wig by placing it under cool, running water until it is completely soaked all the way through. This will remove any dirt or odors inside your wig.


3. Rinse and lather your wig with a minimal amount of shampoo. Be sure all the fibers are traveling down in the same direction. Rinse your wig in cool water until the water runs clear.


4. Pat your wig dry by wrapping your wig in a towel and gently patting it dry until all the excess water is removed.


5. Condition your wig with leave on conditioner. Mainly focus on spraying the conditioner on the ends of the hair because that is where most of the tangles happen.


6. Finally, after you condition your wig, place it on a wig stand to allow your wig to naturally air dry.